Loft Conversions

A loft space can be so much more than a space to store those boxes of belongings. It can be your essay helper very own room with a view, the character space that your home is crying out for. So why not clear out that long forgotten space at the top of your house, and turn it into an integral and much loved part of your home?

W5 Construction Ltd have years of experience in realising these lofty ambitions. Originally RK Builders & Joiners, we have been converting long lost space into cherished and unique views since 1999. With our focus strongly on the W5 and surrounding area, we have built solid relationships with local planners – the very people who’s permission you need to build your new aerial accommodation. We know how they work, what they like and most importantly what they need to sign a project off.

Our relationships do not stop there. We have been working with local businesses, companies forged in the very heart of W5, since the very beginning. Meaning we will have access to the best local skills and resources in the area. Though the most important relationship we build is always with our clients. Some may see any type of home improvement work as an invasion of their home, or worry about the security. With W5 Construction Ltd you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that we only use our own staff on any project, giving us total control over the entire build from day one.

The very spaces at the top of your home can also bring the most character. Think of the quirky features that are just waiting to be revealed. We will help you nurture your ideas and realistically plan what can be done in some challenging environment, both financially and logistically. Our help can see your project avoid the pitfalls that others may not be able to see.

So if you are looking for some lofty decking area or a sky-lit bedroom with views of the heavens, with W5 Construction Ltd the sky is only ever filled with silver linings. Adding a loft conversion is not only a sound investment, but will probably reveal chemistry homework help the most used room in your home.